Covered From Every Angle

The time has come. We can officially claim that we are finished with our biggest undertaking yet: residing the house. Of course this also turned into rebuilding part of the foundation, replacing much of the sheathing, replacing windows and doors, and enclosing the front porch for a larger front entry way. Since we have previously posted about much of these grueling details (here, here, here, here and here), this post will mostly contain a photo recap of our journey.

Here is the state of the exterior upon move in.

We started removing siding on the south side of the house, where we quickly realized foundation would need rebuilt and much of the sheathing was rotted and in need of replacement. Thankfully, this was the only side with foundation problems, but the rotten sheathing continued around the house.

We did find a couple cool things hidden under the siding:

And some not-so-cool things (lots of bugs):

After rotten wood was replaced and old windows and doors were removed, it was time for the Tyvek and the installation of new windows and doors.

Then came the realization that this would be the ideal time to enclose our front porch, AKA build an unplanned addition in the middle of a huge unfinished project. The new design also gave us the opportunity to add a first-story corner roof, which adds some dimension and interest to our box shaped house. 

Finally, we were ready to begin siding.

This opportunity to learn and design while restoring life to our home was fun but challenging, and we are excited to move on to other (smaller!) aspects of our renovation. Next spring we plan to continue dressing up the exterior with improved landscaping and by painting the back half of the house where we've chosen to preserve the original siding.

This winter we move inside for a new project, so stay tuned...

Enjoy the holidays!