The Fence

I have been coming up with excuses for two years now on why we should not cut down the 24 hemlock trees on our property line but the time has come, the trees must go...

We love this house but it does not have air conditioning and it is in 100% shade, which makes it extremely humid inside. When we went two Italy for two weeks, we came back to mushrooms growing on the stone wall INSIDE the house. Gross. Time for sun; time for some fresh airflow. Besides this issue, the trees are extremely overgrown, a safety hazard, an eye sore and make a huge mess on our patio.

Even knowing this, it was extremely emotional for me to see the trees go. Take a look at the before.

We have always talked about replacing the fence that lined our patio but we didn't have a set schedule for when this replacement would occur. After seeing the trees come down, we decided the time for fence replacement was NOW. Take a look at the after. No more privacy trees.

The main floor of the house is very open, with floor to ceiling windows that look out to where the fence would be built. We knew we wanted to build a modern, simple fence that was pleasing to the eye since it would actually be a prominent design element visible inside and outside the house. We decided to build the new fence out of 1"x 4" x 8' cedar boards, stained to match the new siding. The fence would span the entire 40' width of the patio and be 8' tall to create the desired effect.

Within days of the trees coming down, the wood was delivered and that weekend the new posts went in. 

The next weekend, Matt set up his wood shop on the patio, and began cutting the boards to size and hanging them. 

I love his attention to detail and the precision lining up the wood and screws. 

Once all the boards were hung, the tops of the posts were cut flush and the next weekend it was time to stain. 

Just three weeks after our bittersweet tree removal, we are feeling assured that this was a good move for the property. It is so much brighter inside, which is enabling the house to take on a new sense of life. And what a joy it has been to feel the sun on our skin on the patio, while admiring the new view.