Getting My Way, Two Years Later

As you may recall from previous posts, we completely remodeled our kitchen within the first six months of move-in. I am incredibly grateful for my new kitchen and also for the kitchen-design experience it provided me.

However, there is an open shelving area in the kitchen that I had never been completely satisfied with. I wanted floating shelves originally, but at the time, our carpenter thought it was too difficult of a project. Well, two things have changed since then which have enabled me to get my way. 

1. The roof was not completely finished  before we finished the kitchen and we had a leak behind the wall cabinet that damaged the wood - basically ruined it. 
2. Matt has become an expert carpenter and can make our custom carpentry dreams come true. 

Because of the water damage, we had to tear out the shelving cabinet and replace the drywall behind it, leaving us with a blank slate! Another problem we were able to address this time around is lack of lighting in that corner. Matt cut a groove in the back of the new floating shelves and added LED tape lights underneath each one. It has made an amazing improvement. They are even dimmable! We also decided to take the white subway tile all the way up the wall to help lighten up the space. I am very pleased with the results!

The shelf cabinet before it was damaged and replaced:

The new space: floating shelves, LED lighting and white subway tile:


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