Back On the Grid

During this re-siding project, it was necessary to remove a couple essential elements from the exterior of our house: the house numbers and the mailbox. Thankfully, our mailman is a good sport and faithfully rubber-banded our mail to the door handle for months without protest. Although we didn't get all of the new cedar siding up before winter arrived, we decided it was time to put our house back on the map.

The hunt for a well-designed, yet affordable modern mailbox seemed futile and fruitless until we stumbled upon Neutrabox. According to the website, the design of the Neutrabox follows a "minimalist philosophy" of "strict use of vertical and horizontal lines, with a sense of asymmetry." We found it through an article on dwell.com which mentions that the designer was inspired while driving past a California home designed by Richard Neutra.

Neutra was a mid-century architect, well known not only for his modern California architecture but also for the iconic lettering used on his buildings. Now commonly known as Neutra house numbers, these beauties install without any visible hardware and are designed to float slightly off the house, casting a faint shadow.

The numbers that have been buried deep in a drawer in our garage for almost two years are now directing traffic into our driveway. These are small details, but it's the little things that give us the feeling that we're actually progressing through this mountainous renovation -- the fist pumps that are holding us over until spring when we can tackle the remainder of the siding project. Our mailman is happier now too.


  1. I just found your blog and am enthralled. Someday my husband and I want to do something similar. I am just curious how your loan process went and if you dont mind what price was settled on and how much you had for renovatons. I can be emailed at ashley@sauceboxcreative.com if you do want to divulge this info, it would be great to talk to.someone who has done it first hand.

  2. We want more blog posts!