Getting Back Into It

As summer is coming to a close and the nights are getting a little chillier, we are getting that itch to fit one more project in before the snow falls. We spent the summer doing everything BUT renovating the house, and it was fabulous! But can we squeeze in an outdoor project this fall? We are attempting it, and a big one...

We have been talking about replacing our windows and siding since before closing on the house. This is a huge undertaking, but will have a major impact on the appearance of the house. First step: the windows. The operable windows in the house are white vinyl replacement sliding windows that were installed poorly and are not insulated properly. We decided to replace them with Jeldwen vinyl awning windows, with black exterior trim and white interior trim. Matt started replacing the windows a few weeks ago and I quickly realized this is leading to some major inside projects as well.

Case in point: New Master Bath Window

In all fairness, please view the before picture of this lovely room. It in itself is a complete renovation project for a later season. For now, I am happy to have the ugly window AC unit out and a broader view of the landscape.

Before Window Replacement:

The other rooms' interiors haven't been affected as dramatically, but some trim carpentry will definitely be required.

Office Window Replacement:

Hall Bath New Window:

The bedrooms have 48" x 66" fixed double pane glass windows that we are planning to reuse, but we need to add one in the guest room, where an interesting situation existed:

Changing this set up to a fixed glass window will add so much light and openness to the room! Unfortunately, Matt has discovered that the windows will not be the only thing that we replace during this project - observe the 'open wall' below the window openings in the picture below. This old house is in need of some structural replacements as we go.

The new awning windows are being installed from the outside, which requires remove of siding around the openings. So, we have decided to do both projects at once and replace the siding this fall as well. We are replacing the existing board and batten painted redwood with 1" x6" tongue and groove cedar. Let's all hope for a late 'first snow' this year!