Bored with Batten

We are pleased to report that we have removed all of the old siding, replaced all rotten wood, installed the awning windows, and the Tyvek is up to keep us dry through this rainy fall. After completing all of these steps on the south face of the house (see last post), we moved on to the north side, where we were hoping we would not run into as many surprises.

So much for that . . .

First came the removal of the old board & batten. This is redwood, which is a beautiful wood and very durable, but it had not been maintained properly. And we've always felt that the vertical siding wasn't right for the proportions of this house:

We will also be replacing all the exterior doors at this time--putting the old ones out of their misery. Any moderately compassionate person would do it. Case in point, side shed door:

Once the siding was removed, we discovered that this situation was no better than the previous side, with dry rot in the exact same problem areas--below the windows, under the gutters, and along the stone wall:

Yes, this is the inside of our bedroom:

Matt worked very carefully around the fixed glass . . .

. . . but not quite carefully enough! (See crack on far right):

The base of the shed wall was completely rotten and had to be replaced. Matt added a layer of cinder block to raise the foundation here just as we had done on the garage wall:

Old meets new:

Tyvek up and ready to move on to the east side (FRONT!) of the house:

This is how the front of the house looked upon move in, January 2010:

The hunter green facia was replaced with white during the summer 2010 roof project. Slowly but surely, all the other hunter green endures a similar fate, and down comes the privacy fence, revealing the secret window into our laundry room:

We will be adding four new exterior sconces above the garage, so we decided to gut the guest bedroom wall (which would have happened eventually) for easier access to route the electrical wiring.

Bye-bye, board & batten. Adios, architectural overhang! Don't worry--you'll have new life soon.

White vinyl replacement windows and green trim removed. Prepped for new awning windows:

We popped a couple windows in to get a glimpse of how they will look against natural wood siding. The old 1"x8" sheathing is similar in color to the stained cedar we'll be using. This was only temporary because the proper method is to attach the house wrap first and install the windows after that:

Tyvek up. Windows in.

It may appear that the house is now ready to be sided; however, there is still a good amount of prep work. We also prolonged this phase of the project because we decided to drastically modify the front entrance! We're moving the front door forward--flush with the front of the house--which will transform the dark old front porch (unusable space) into a sizable interior entry way. It is coming together very well, and we'll post another update soon. Thanks for your interest, and please cross your fingers that winter arrives late this year!

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