On the Lighter Side

Recently, we made a minor change that has had a major impact on the feel of our living space. During our initial renovating surge, after much deliberation we chose to paint our first-floor walls white with charcoal gray trim and doors. Typically I love such a stark contrast, but ever since the painting was completed, we have doubted our decision, wishing we had painted the trim white.

The concrete floor, sandstone wall and wood ceiling already provided the room with dominant dark features; with the addition of charcoal gray trim, a dim, cold atmosphere eclipsed the room. Repainting it seemed low on the priority list at this point, since so much of this pad has yet to be touched...

However, I was pleasantly surprised to come home and find Matt repainting a couple weeks ago! The bright white trim and doors make the space feel warmer, bigger and brighter. The difference is especially noticeable where the trim meets the ceiling and floor.



  1. Hey... I hadn't seen this, but yes... I really like the WHITE look too :)

  2. How about the the "Hangman" by Objeti?


  3. I almost included Hangman in my post actually. I love the attention to detail in his design of that fixture.

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