In the past, we've hinted at the possibility of establishing our own renovation business -- but never with a solid grasp of when that time would come. Thanks to our recent episode of Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition (not a real show), some of you MCM sleuths have probably cracked this case already: Harbert Renovation & Design is officially a bona fide operation. (Our website will be trucking soon, but for now it only displays our logo with a link back to this blog).

Deep, deep thanks to our friend Charlie Wagers at Three Bears Design for his polished ability to capture our personal and professional style in a simple but complete way. The man has skillz. And he looks sexy in flannel.

Hannah made me write that.


  1. Hello, Not sure how to reach you, but I'm wondering if you do freelance interior design work. I love your photos and style but we live in Lakewood (where we desperately need ideas for our 1926 living room!). If you're open to this project, send me an email at edna_million@hotmail.com. Thanks, Deborah

  2. Congrats you guys! This all makes so much sense. OF COURSE you should be doing this! Your house is amazing, such a great first project. I love reading your blog.
    If we ever need ideas/work on our home, you're top on my list!