Now We're Cookin' with Electric!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to have our kitchen renovation complete! Our new kitchen is everything I envisioned, thanks to the talents of Matt, our carpenter Randy Ingraham, and my dad, who finished the cabinets.

The original kitchen was a small, closed-in, lighthouse-themed space, with dilapidated hunter green cabinets, stained carpet, fluorescent lighting and ancient appliances. It was so bad that we had to strip it down to the studs and start over.

The newness of everything in our renovated kitchen is a tremendous improvement of course, but opening up the space has had the biggest impact. Within a few weeks of closing on the house, Matt tore down two walls that divided the kitchen from the rest of the main living area. This not only made the kitchen feel bigger, but the entire first floor as well.

For flooring, we chose engineered hardwood in natural maple, which matches the flooring upstairs. The house utilizes radiant heat under concrete floors, which requires a glue-down application; nailing into the concrete would be nearly impossible and would also risk rupturing the iron pipes of the heating system. Solid hardwood flooring can also be installed with this glue-down method, but engineered hardwood is more capable of withstanding the constant temperature flux of radiant floor heating. Various styles of engineered flooring are available, but by choosing a product that features a 1/8" top layer of pre-finished maple, we did not have to sacrifice the rich appearance of real hardwood flooring to accommodate our unique situation.

I won't re-hash all the details of our kitchen journey in this post, but to get caught up, see these posts: Roadmap, Coming Together, Ready for Entertaining, Design Challenge.

Now, the moment I have been waiting for since we started this blog: the before and after comparison!

Original kitchen.
With the walls torn down.
Completely gutted.
Insulation in and bar wall framed.
Drywall up.
Cabinets installed.
Cabinets being finished.
Concrete countertops poured.
Countertops sealed.
White subway tile and appliances installed.
New sink and faucet installed.
Ready to move in.
Corian bar top with waterfall edge.
Last step completed: the floor is laid!


  1. OMG i LOVE it!! awesome job! I love your concrete counter top...so jealous of your bar and built ins... beautiful!

    Emily ... thepostscriptofemilywilsondesign.blogspot.com