Breaking the Silence

Greetings from this half-renovated home of negligent bloggers! This has been a season of big plans, bigger projects, and the usual runaround of the busy summer months.

Since we last blogged, we have navigated through multiple weddings and two family reunions, traveled in Italy for two weeks, acquired two puppies (they're sleeping on my lap right now), and of course continued with our home renovations whenever possible. Additionally, Hannah has been studying for the NCIDQ exam, and I have been training for the Akron Marathon.

Surely a more disciplined bloggist would have found time to squeeze in a post or two; however, we intend to resume our duties here by bringing you up to speed with great fervor and frequency. First, allow us to ease our way back by sharing a few snapshots of our summer, both home and abroad:

On the Roof
In the Kitchen
Cinque Terre
Parties on the Patio
Summer has also been a time of seeking inspiration as we plan our next projects. Our vision for our home renovation has been influenced by many wonderful designs, whether encountered during our travels abroad, in books and magazines, or on "the interwebs." Here are a few recent discoveries that have us excited for our upcoming improvements:

Apartment building in our friends' town of Brunico, Italy
Bike shelter in Munich, Germany

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