Digging for Change

Mid-Century Modern style is often characterized by an integration with nature. Most Mid-Century architecture has an open floor plan, with ample windows and the intention of bringing the outdoors in. Our house possess the 'integration with nature' characteristic with its indoor planters that are actually built into the floor. When we purchased the house, the planter by the front entrance was overflowing with sea shells and the planter by the fireplace contained what looked like pieces of purple quartz. Neither area was quite providing the look we were going for, so we decided to start over.
I am not known for my green thumb, so at first the thought of indoor planters terrified me. However, after a trip to a local garden center, Graf Growers, my fears were lessened. We purchased Jade for the front entrance and Snake Plant (also known and Mother in Law's Tongue) for the planter beside the fireplace. Both of these plants require very little watering and are extremely difficult to kill. Perfect!
My mom came down to help me with the overbearing task of actually planting these plants in the dirt inside my house. In both areas, we dug up the existing dirt until we hit concrete and then laid down a layer of gravel. Next we filled the areas with fresh soil and planted the plants in the new soil. Lastly we filled in the remainder of the space with the existing dirt, in order to make the planters level with the floor.
We still have plans to renovate the entry way, but for now, the Jade and the new lighting help to make it a more welcoming entrance to the house.
Before (notice the sea shell pit):
Current State:


  1. you planted stuff inside and I planted a few herbs. we are both testing our green thumbs!

  2. Hello -

    We also have a MCM ranch in akron, was wondering if you could send me the name and number of your carpenter who did the kitchen. My e-mail address is jsheldon80@hotmail.com. Looks great.


  3. Hello, I am the Cleveland Modern Furniture Examiner for examiner.com. I see that it has been a while since you posted, but I hope you get this message. I would like to do a profile on amazing reno. You can reach me @ kdh@izeondesign.com . Thank you.

    Karen Harris