Design Challenge

I previously posted that there was a 'secret design detail about the bar top that I was not telling.' Well, I am ready to tell now. During the planning stages of the kitchen, we were challenged with the level change on the main floor of the house. There is a step-up to the right, into the kitchen and another step-up into the back half of the floor that houses the bar area and the dining room. The level changes are perpendicular to each other and where they meet, there is a a small landing. We wanted to extend the cabinets and bar onto the landing, even though it was not easily accessible, due to the level changes on either side of it. To make matters more complicated, there is a column in that area as well that we had to design around. In order to fill in what was once an akward dead space, we designed bookcases to fill in the void.
I loved the idea of creating functional storage while adding an area of visual appeal, but I still was not comfortable with the height change from the top of the lower bookcase (counter height) to the top of the tall bookcase (bar height). Thanks to kitchen inspiration from Eurocucina, I found the solution: a waterfall edge. We selected Glacier White Corian as the material for the bar. Thankfully, this material provides a seamless look across the entire installed surface. Even though they brought it in as three pieces, it looked like one piece when they left! The stark white waterfall edge runs down the side of the taller bookcase, providing a contrast with the shorter bookcase and visually dividing the pieces.
Problem solved! We just have to install the floor in the kitchen and finish the wall under the bar, and the space will be complete.

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  1. I love the yellow stools! Congrats friends the kitchen is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it!