Rest and Warmth

When we moved into our house, one of the first things Matt did was rip off the existing brass and glass fireplace doors, and convert the fireplace from gas to wood burning. Removing the doors revealed damaged stones around the opening of the fireplace. Ever since then, we have been brainstorming what we could do to cover the damaged stones and finish the fireplace with a clean, modern look. Our fireplace is rather big, with a 48w x 30h opening, so it was impossible to find anything workable at a local fireplace supply store. We soon realized that this was going to be a custom job by some type of metal contractor.
We ended up finding Rik Tig, a welder out of Peninsula, to create our custom look. He suggested we go with an angle iron frame, as it will hold up against years of heat and soot. After a few hours of welding the pieces in place, right on site in our living room, our fireplace frame was complete, better looking that we had even planned! We were originally thinking that the frame would have a wrought iron look to it, in a dark finish. Instead, the angle iron shined up to a stainless steel looking finish. Our stainless steel refrigerator was delivered while Rik was installing the frame, and it was the perfect timing! The refrigerator and fireplace are along the same elevation. The pieces complement each other and help the space come together.
The state of the fireplace at closing:
After Matt removed the doors and converted it to wood burning:
The welding process:

The fireplace with its new look:
We will be painting the hearth in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and installing a wire mesh screen. Then the fireplace will be complete!
The built-in sofa is another project that has progressed in the same area of the house. We previously posted about our Foam 'N' Fabric adventures, and now the pieces have come together to create our cushions. My mom is an excellent seamstress and agreed to make the covers for the foam. She did a superb job! The cushions look beautiful and fit perfectly in the built-in. Thanks to the wonderful Maharam reps, this week we were also given the perfect accent for the Maharam cushions: a Maharam Pillow!
The lovely existing cushions:
Our new place to convene:
Soon, we will have to finish that built-in so it can do these cushions justice! But for now, we will enjoy finally being able to sit on our sofa and admire our fires.

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