Design Really Can Be Within Reach . . .

. . . at least, that is, during store-closing clearance sales!
As we complete more and more of our renovation, the furniture wish-list is quickly becoming a reality. We are building a bar, so of course we need bar stools. We ripped down every light fixture in the house, so we must replace them. Spring has arrived, so we must furnish our patio. We should probably get a dining room set and stop using our office furniture as the dinner table. And the list goes on.
Unfortunately, expensive taste married expensive taste, so everything Matt and I want is far from our price range, or so we thought. The local Design Within Reach store is going out of business and had a crazy two-day sale this weekend--everything 70% off! This morning I was waiting at the doors as they opened, ready to claim the best deals before anyone else. Matt couldn't join me, as our kitchen cabinets are being installed today (which are looking great--more to come next post). So I was frantically calling him and having him check the DWR website to make sure he agreed with my selections before someone else swiped them.
Goal #1: Bar stools - Check!
Within five minutes of entering the store, Xavier Pauchard's Marais Stool caught my eye. I knew I liked the style, but the only color they had was Lemon. Matt and I had discussed getting brushed aluminum bar stools, to contrast with our white Corian bar top and darkly-stained cabinets. Lemon? I liked the idea of this pop of color, but this was going to take some coercion with Matt. Fortunately, after a persuasive discussion, he liked the idea of the color as well! Did I mention 70% off?
Goal # 2: Light fixture for the stairway - Check!
This week our George Nelson Bubble Lamps arrived. We ordered the Saucer lamp for our dining room and the Cigar lamp for our entry way. Now all we needed was a pendant for the stairway. We wanted something with a unique design for this area because the stairwell is one of the major focal points in the house. The Random Light, designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi, seemed like the perfect choice, and once again, Matt agreed.
Not a goal, but purchase #3: Dining room table
I had hoped to find a killer deal on a beautiful, classic dining table, but I definitely didn't think it would happen. Well, the early bird catches the worm. They had one Cross Extension dining table left, and it was on major sale as it was a floor model! It was designed by Matthew Hilton and won the 2006 Elle Decoration Best in Furniture award. This table, even on sale, is a pretty penny so that phone call to Matt was a very serious one. I stood over the table, guarding it from any other potential buyers, as we tried to make a decision. We decided to go for it. You're welcome, future grandchildren who will inherit this table (because that's how long it'd better last).
I tried my hardest to talk the price down even more, but they wouldn't budge--which is understandable as it was only the first hour of a two-day sale. To ease my pain they said, "Pick out something else you want and we'll give you a smokin' deal!" I pointed to an Arne Jacobsen Banker's clock, just to test them. It was originally $288 and they sold it to me for $20! Thank you, DWR sales staff.
But for now the time has come to finish the kitchen . . . you'll see it soon!

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  1. so glad you made a great sale! I would've loved to join you, that store is right by me, if it's the one in Eaton.