The Showroom

We have a new addition to the house, and that is our new set of "gently used" office furniture consisting of four chairs and a round table. The chairs are the Pollock Chair, which are classic pieces from the Knoll Studio Collection.
We got the idea of setting up the office with a conference table and chairs because it is more personal to meet with clients around a warm, inviting table, where all are equal, instead of an "us vs. them" environment behind the big desk. "Clients?" you ask. Yes, clients. Well, future clients of Harbert Renovation & Design--but more on that to come...
We are currently using the office set as our dining room set, until we purchase those pieces this summer. Matt also rigged up our old World Market paper globe lamp as temporary lighting solution until we purchase our George Nelson Saucer Lamp.

Here is a view of our temporary dining room set up:
How nice it is to eat on a table instead of in our laps or on the floor! We also recently assembled our media cabinet and put it in place. Not quite the LAX, but pretty darn close:
Task for this weekend: sanding the wood ceilings on the main level of the house. Just when we get all of this furniture in place! Because this level of the house is so open, the dust from sanding goes everywhere, so we must move or cover everything. I am starting to feel like we are living in a showroom-under-construction the way we keep moving furniture around! Stay tuned for the ceiling progress...


  1. Love the chairs! Where did you get them used?

  2. I found a vintage gallery in Canton Ohio called yeserdays reflections. They have really nice older things and very clean too.
    I love your place!!! Just so roomy and beautiful.