Daydreams of a Contemporist

The days are getting longer which means it is actually still light out when we get home from work now! Today, when I pulled up to our house after work, I thought, look at this place, sticking out like an eye sore in the middle of this beautiful property...

But, I have to give it more credit than that. Unfortunately, the original style of the house has been wiped away by a slew of owners that simply did not understand the design philosophy of the house; however, all is not lost! We are fortunate that the original architects, Tuchman and Canute (now TC Architects), designed a solid shell that is still holding up under the layers of paint + neglect.

Matt and I would really love to install new cedar siding on the house and perhaps even incorporate stucco in some areas. The Contemporist has been my source of inspiration for our future exterior options:

Though I daydream about the future curb appeal of our house, it is going to take some major funds to accomplish what we really desire. At least we have these long winter months to determine the perfect balance of a cost effective and super-awesome looking solution.

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  1. Hannah,

    I love the looks of cedar siding - my brother has it on his home, but know up front that it is NOT maintenance free! He has to apply CWF (clear wood finish) to it almost annually, and even then it has a tendancy to want to darken with age and mildew. You all might have the energy for it while you're young, but as you get older you'll probably opt for a more maintenance-free option like the stucco. Just an old man's opinion!!!