Furnishing Frenzy

We've moved again. But this time we just moved from the first floor to the second. The hiatus on our own personal work continues, but that is not to say that nothing is going on around here! We have suddenly become spectators for the time being.
On Wednesday we began the process of having our concrete floors refinished. Guy from Gaetano Cement Contractors has taken on the incredibly difficult task of grinding through the dark brown top layer (which is called "color hardener") to reveal a "new" gray concrete surface and expose the aggregate. The concrete will then be sealed with a clear epoxy and given a durable, shiny coat of polyurethane.
So far it is looking good! It will require about a week to complete the whole process, so naturally we have been using our time off to shop for the house!
First was the hunt for a new media cabinet. Below is the LAX Series Entertainment Shelf by Mash Studios, which thoroughly impressed us with its immaculate design but affordable price tag ($960) unlike the Cube ($25,000) from our earlier post The Wish List.
We love the contrast of the white aluminum doors against the walnut. In fact, we like it so much that we decided we could do without the motorized lift that would hide the TV inside the cabinet. Just when we were about to make the purchase, we found the Colfax Media Console from Crate and Barrel. This unit was even cheaper than the LAX cabinet (regularly $479, but on sale for $199) and is fairly similar in design.
The design of the door is definitely not as brilliant as the LAX, but we can sacrifice to save $800. It's simple clean lines will be a great contrast against the stone wall where it will be placed.
Another longing was fulfilled when we ordered a new coffee table. This was a no-brainer. I have wanted a Noguchi table in walnut for a long time, and it only took me a few months to convince Matt that this classic piece would perfectly compliment the architecture and era of our house. Designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, it is more than just furniture; it is a work of art.
And we think both pieces will work great with some of our existing vintage furniture!
Matt had his eye on this 1956 Westinghouse stereo for months, even before we bought our house, and we decided to splurge on it for his birthday in August. We bought it from George at Akron Antique Audio. It is in exceptional condition and sounds great (although the turn table still needs some more work).
The bookshelf below is another mid-century modern treasure that we brought to the house. Matt's dad handed it down to him years ago, and when Matt and I started dating, he was using it as a shoe rack! I helped him to realize its true potential.
Once it is filled with books, all we need to do is finish the house so that we actually have time to read them!


  1. i love reading these posts. i'm so impressed with your progress.

  2. love it. love it...the floors. the noguchi! and on and on. can't wait to see the place again.

  3. i'm not the only who can be thinking " I can't wait to come to your housewarming party right?"

  4. Some nice furniture selections and way to shop and get the price down... score!

    Hmmm... so... that "hand-me down 'classic treasure'" you mentioned is back to a bookshelf soon, whatever will Matt do w/ all his shoes???
    dad ;-)

  5. Hannah & Matt... I love this project! The link to your blog came up on my Facebook newsfeed and being the renovation junkie that I am I couldn't resist reading the whole blog up to date. Quite the piece of art y'all are sculpting! cOnGrAtZ1

    The credenza that you bought is beautiful... even more than the Cube. The mix of wood & white is very striking and classy!

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