The Wish List

While we continue to prep walls and wrap up the electrical work, Matt and I have been assembling our furniture wish list for the house. So far the list consists of a dining room table and chairs, stools for the bar we are building (more info to come), and a credenza for the television. Finding the right credenza will be tricky because it will be placed against the stone fireplace wall, a main focal point of the house that we'd rather not hide with a television.

Fortunately, we caught some inspiration while flipping through Interior Design magazine. We came across Domus Design Collection's Cube Motorized TV Cabinet--a brilliant solution for our situation because the TV can be hidden inside the cabinet while not in use, and the motorized lift allows the whole unit to maintain a low profile.
Domus' designs are guided by Leonardo DaVinci's slogan, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." While the Cube cabinet would look amazing next to our fireplace, Domus demands 25 Gs for the piece. As we "value-engineer" our wish list, this selection probably won't make the cut! The search continues for a similar motorized TV cabinet with a sleek design but a lower price point. Any advice?

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