Lowering the Gas Bill

After much deliberation, we decided it was in our best interest to replace the insulation on the main level of the house. So last weekend, after hitting up our new hangout, Home Depot, Matt put me to work helping him install our new insulation. Contrary to popular belief, I am quickly realizing that I am capable of doing a multitude of construction-related tasks, installing insulation being one of them. It's not all that tricky, but it is extremely unpleasant to the senses. Dust masks are a must, but I am not convinced that hours of breathing in one of those things is good for you either. Also, I failed to cover my forearms at first and managed to rub them up against some insulation early on in the night--not a good move. They were still itching the next day!

All in all it was one of the easier tasks we have completed that will make the most impact in the long run. After a few hours of teamwork, we lowered our gas bill.

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  1. Alice & I found out we could do a lot of things we didn't know we could do either in our history of home-ownership! Of all my newfound "skills" over the years, finishing sheetrock & installing fiberglass insulation are at the bottom of the list. I just replaced the insulation above the ceiling in a bedroom about a month ago via access through a small crawl space - having to crawl across ceiling joists on my belly! It was extremely unpleasant - even though I was completely covered with hat, mask, nylon jacket, etc... Thank God your insulation job is over - I can hardly stand to look at your photos of that nasty pink stuff!!! Keep up all the good work - it will all be worth it before long.