Two weeks into demolition and we have worked ourselves to sickness. Matt and I are both suffering from colds, though it is not from the lack of heat at the new house. The radiant heat works very well, much to our surprise as the original copper pipes are still in place.
We had a very efficient work day last weekend with loads of help from family and friends. The walls on the main level were finished in wood paneling, which was one of the first things to head to the dumpster. After tearing out the paneling we found radiant barrier foil insulation underneath, a product with mixed reviews. We are investigating whether this will need to be replaced. By the end of the weekend we had all the paneling down, the kitchen completely demo'd, layers of vinyl flooring scraped off the kitchen floor, three crazy closets demo'd from the bedrooms, every nail and staple pulled from the wood floors, and a very clean stone fireplace wall.

Matt has been busy rewiring the electrical this week. Is it possible for every switch and outlet in the old kitchen to be at a different height? Oh yes, and of course we want to pay attention to every detail in this renovation, so many hours were spent deliberating the height and placement of every outlet and switch to be added or moved. Thank you, Matt.

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  1. holy crap. this is going to look amazing when it's finished.