Time For a Facelift

We have been contemplating some ways to improve the "curb appeal" of the house. We did some brainstorming and, with the aid of Google SketchUp, created images of a few of the options we have considered. We have settled on the idea shown above, which would involve adding a cantilever to the front of the roof (and potentially the right side too) as well as adding a similar roof structure above the front entry, between the first and second stories. At this point we can't afford new siding (our dream is to have natural cedar) so we've opted to scrape and paint the existing "board and batten" siding, but that won't happen until next spring.
Here are the rejects:


  1. Bravo! Looks to me like it should have been that way from the beginning. Did you close?

  2. Don't be alarmed, but there's a creepy stranger inside your hypothetical garage.