Project Wes' Nursery

When we discovered we were expecting last fall, we promptly switched our winter renovation project from our front entry way to our two extra bedrooms. We had already replaced the windows and refinished the floors in these rooms, but both rooms still needed completely gutted down to the studs, re-wired, re-insulated, and put back together.  The project sounded pretty straight forward, but we know that is never the case with this house.

The heat source on the second floor of our house is radiant heat through copper pipes in the ceiling. We needed to gut the ceilings due to previous water damage, but we wanted to preserve the heating system during the process. This proved to be quite a challenge, as the pipes were encased in the plaster ceiling, and surrounded by a metal mesh sheet. Matt literally had to chizzle the plaster ceiling away around each pipe. Case in point:


After many hours of manual labor, the nursery was completely gutted, and ready to be reconstructed.

In line with our goals of modernizing this house, we decided to finish the rooms with trimless windows, flush baseboards and a floor to ceiling door. We love this clean look and it also enables the small 12' x 12' room to feel more spacious and open, without the excess trim.

Since the room is small, we had a built-in closet installed by the Closet Factory, to match the closets we installed in our bedroom when we moved in. This helped me get by without having a dresser in the small room.

Soon my empty shell was ready to fill; the fun part could begin! The Kalon Studios box I had been looking at for months was opened and the Caravan Crib was assembled. We ordered the crib in the raw option, so we needed to paint the spindles and oil the wood ourselves. We used Sherwin Williams Aqueduct 6758, which I matched to the blue in the Dwell Studios Zebra Head. I love how the color turned out! My other favorite part of the room is the rug. We cut our 'Rake Me Over' Flor tiles on a diagonal and pieced them back together to create the zig zag pattern. 

Last piece to add to this project was Wesley Stone Harbert; born on June 14, 2013, our five year wedding anniversary.


Modern Nursery Picks

We are in deep planning and renovating the nursery and office/guest room, with an aggressive schedule to beat our deadline (due date) of mid June. We opted for a themeless nursery with a minimal, fresh vibe and colorful warm environment. The color scheme for the nursery is emerald + aqua and here are a few of our current picks.


Kalon Studios Caravan Crib - We fell in love with the idea of colored spindles for the crib, as this would allow us to paint the walls white (a minimalist's ideal) and still have a bold splash of color in the room. Kalon Studios sells this crib with raw spindles as well (for $200 less), which we opted for, so we could paint the exact shade of aqua our hearts desire, and save some cash.

Ikea Poang Rocking Chair and Footstool - The rocking chair/glider dilemma was real around here for a few weeks! There are very few modern gliders out there and the one we liked the best, was out of our price range. Thankfully, Ikea saved the day, and our bank account. 

Offi Magazine Table - I've had my eye on this sleek, well-designed side table for a while and am thankful to have a spot for it in the house now. 

Ikea Gulliver Changing Table - Seems that a changing table is not always necessary, as most nurseries have a dresser that a changing pad can be placed on top of. We are having the Closet Factory add built-in drawers and pull out trays to the existing closet space in the room, so a dresser will not be needed. 


The room is fairly small, about 12'x12', with windows, a closet and the door taking up more than half of the wall space, so we do not have a lot of room to 'decorate' if you will, which of course is also our ideal. The other burst of color in the room will be in the rug, which we are making from Flor Tiles, using emerald and medium grey to create a zig zag stripe pattern with the colors.  

Ivie Baby on Etsy has the most rad fabrics for a modern nursery and the Charcoal Arrow pattern will add a laid back and hip vibe to the room. We are using it for the crib sheet and changing pad cover. 

To help with the Emerald + Aqua theme, we are using the Gobbi Montessori Baby Mobile in green. We favor its sleek design and it is beautifully hand made by Goosedesigns on Etsy.

We love the Dwell Studio Zebra Sky Paper Mache Head and knew it was a must in the room upon discovering it!

Also on the walls - we plan to hang a floating shelf for books and trinkets and this Inaluxe print we've had our eye on. 

Looking forward to putting it all together!